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Modafinil getting into Canada?

Recently we have been seeing issues getting modafinil into Canada. It seems the large modafinil vendors are scrambling to find a way in, past our stringent customs. This is sad as modafinil is only helping us. There has been not a single case of someone dying from modafinil, yet customs treats it like it’s some sort of crack. Unbelievable.

I am only posting there here to give you a current state of the shipping that’s happening to us Canucks.

I’ve heard of various test packages getting into Canada successfully and it is assumed the big guys will adapt and overcome this situation.

How Do I Get Modafinil  Online to Canada?  

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Canadian Customs controls smart drugs at the borders

How Do I Get Modafinil  Online to Canada?  

In Canada, narcolepsy is a principal sleeping disease that modafinil can be prescribed even though it may also help sleep apnea and other ailments.  

Canada has a large demographic that uses modafinil to improve cognitive functions.

The main reason it’s so popular with pupils is it may enhance these faculties. For studying for exams, modafinil is also capable of keeping you alert, which might be valuable for an all-night analysis session.

If your order of modafinil is seized by border controllers, they would request evidence of prescription. Because it’s not likely you will experience this, your purchase price of modafinil is going to be ruined.

Where to Purchase Modafinil Online at Canada

There are a whole lot of market modafinil and online pharmacies that stock. They are able to do so since they are located in countries that don’t have exactly the very same regulations as Canada, such as India. If you would like to get modafinil in Canada, you then want to know about the regulations which still apply even if purchasing it online.

It’s these applications of modafinil that have made it such medication for company employees and students. Modafinil can help pupils using skill, productivity, and motivation across Canada.

On account of the unique regulatory bodies and the several procedures that medication needs to undergo prior to available in Canada makes the practice of buying generic modafinil harder here than other nations like the United States, United Kingdom or even India. When substances or drugs are manufactured, they need to undergo evaluations and tests by Health Canada.

Modafinil is thought of as among the finest and the safest acting medication from the eugenics’ category.  

Modafinil does not be listed by the Controlled Substance Act in Canada. This produces the legislation surrounding buying the material in Canada hard to comprehend. Regardless of this absence of law, modafinil is prohibited to buy in Canada without a prescription.

To be able to get beyond these laws and regulations, some online stores provide generic versions of modafinil which don’t need a prescription to get.

Unless you’ve got a Modafinil prescription in Canada there is a chance customs will seize that your package of the medication. To be able to get those regulations around, a lot of sellers utilize a mail forwarding service to ensure the delivery of modafinil.

Another official use of modafinil in Canada would be to relieve a few of the signs of ADHD. Attention deficit disorder causes victims to lack attention, and they should work harder to receive exactly the very same outcomes.

All these variations of modafinil are regarded as a legal gray area since there’s not any way to moderate or restrain them. This means it can be possible to purchase modafinil from foreign Modafinil sellers. But even in the event that you get modafinil online, it isn’t guaranteed you will actually receive your purchase.  

The NAPRA is that the regulatory system that has control over where prescription-level medications can be bought. There are. But, you may just buy modafinil from these types of pharmacies in case you’ve got a prescription from your physician.

This is the area where the legality of generic Provigil, also known as modafinil, gets tricky because this material may be prescribed across Canada for ailments and is thought to have given benefits. In the nootropic’s instance, a Program 1 classification signifies that its products, Provigil/modafinil can be bought with n prescription for Modafinil and it’s generic cousins.

This drug has been reported to help users feel much more concentrated and altered, which then lets them get work completed.

There’s a range of laws enclosing modafinil. Back in Canada, this medication is typically regarded as a prescription medication that might affect its accessibility.


This service gives an address that’s to use for transport. There are regulations encompassing modafinil and nootropic drugs, making it simpler to send it.

 This may allow it to be an effective medication that is smart but does make it have a great deal of regulation in Canada. Its brand-name Provigil and modafinil are regarded as a Schedule 1 Medications by Canadian regulatory bodies.

There are ways around the regulations, and individuals have managed to acquire this medication without getting into trouble with customs.

There are a whole lot of online Modafinil sellers that will stock, sell, and endeavor to send modafinil and comparable smart drugs to your residence in Canada.

Health Canada is an institution that regulates all health and that of all health issues. This institution provides a charge that allows is to inspect all medications sold in Canada.

Off-label is the uses that refer to the use of modafinil are plentiful.. Since modafinil is prescribed for treating narcolepsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anything other than these reasons to use Modafinil are known as ‘off-label.’

What’s Mail Forwarding?  

There is an email forwarding agency SkyPax which lots of Modafinil sellers, such as pharmacies, rely on to send their products.

Only BuyModa has a way into Canada without requiring customers to use a forwarding service.

Canada has plenty of regulations and laws surrounding pharmaceutical medication and other materials that could make it hard to ship anything such as modafinil to anywhere in Canada.

Modafinil and its derivatives such as armodafinil, Adderall, and so forth, are popular with CEOs and other employees due to the increased focus and intense attention. Possessing increased focus on the job can be particularly beneficial when you’re endeavoring to reach goals, earn more money, or travel up the corporate ladder.

Off-Label Programs of Modafinil


Those with narcolepsy generally feel incredibly tired and sleepy during their waking hours because their sleep is indeed out of whack.  

As regulations allow it to be tricky to send substances like modafinil many sellers that are internet won’t also send it to you.

Modafinil is regarded as a Schedule 1 drug by law. Such medications in Canada are difficult to find unless you’ve got a Modafinil prescription. Just like a lot of other countries, Canada has its own classification system for medications and materials that could be challenging to comprehend.

How Are Medications Classified In Canada?  

What’s A Schedule 1 Medication?  

Under this classification, generic Provigil and modafinil brand names of Modafinil (Modalert, Modvigil, Vilafinil), this medication is considered a Schedule 1 drug under the materials act — that is the classification for ingredients.

Modafinil affects the central nervous system, and that’s the way that it is able to increase endurance and wakefulness. Modafinil can affect the levels in the brain that deal with alertness and cognitive focus.

BuyModa ships to you directly. If you choose another vendor and use a freight forwarding service, they will handle customs for you, which makes for relatively convenient and simple acquisition. If you use a freight forwarding service, make sure it has good reviews on Google first if you wish to purchase modafinil online in Canada.

Modafinil is regarded as an actual pharmaceutical – medication in Canada. Modafinil is regarded as legal to purchase and own inside Canada since it is available on prescription. Even so, it’s not as easy to get as you’d imagine.

Modafinil is a nootropic medication that students across Canada are currently using to boost their studies. As it promotes alertness and wakefulness this medication may be valuable to small business employees and owners.


This prescription for Modafinil could be provided by a medical practitioner, like your physician. Other drugs that are Schedule 1 classification contain opium and morphine.

The very popular prescribed usage of modafinil across several states is for sleeping ailments.

Laws surrounding modafinil aren’t as tight as they are for other materials within the Program 1 class, such as the other prohibited medications.  

This nootropic affects the components of the mind that addresses sleeping that is known as the orexin system. The orexin process is a very important part of our central nervous system since it regulates our adrenal cycle. It’s highly effective at treating symptoms of narcolepsy 

The NARPA regulates modafinil that’s sold in Canadian pharmacies, however, it doesn’t have the same level of control over the variations sold online. As they cannot be lawfully controlled, there’s a slightly higher risk of buying modafinil online, although due to the high prices, myriad people do buy their modafinil online.

Back in Canada, modafinil is registered as a prescription-only drug that may only be bought with a prescription from a physician. If you need Modafinil for studying for tests, it is going to prove hard to acquire a prescription if you don’t suffer from severe sleep or care requirements, without some creative reasoning while speaking with your doctor.

These online pharmacies are usually based in countries that don’t have exactly the very same regulations surrounding medications as Canada, for example, India.

Dopamine is a hormone that’s released from the benefits center of the body. It’s this center that is and leads to the growth of customs the way we can focus. Modafinil can alleviate a number of indicators of ADHD by boosting the levels in the brain.

Since modafinil affects your central nervous system, it’s regarded as a ‘high risk’ material by the majority of regulations regardless of the fact it’s negative effects and can be unbelievably secure to take.  

There are a plethora of users looking to buy modafinil in Canada and a very popular way to do this cheaply is to buy it online.

Why are modafinil shops lying to us about their shipping times?

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Modafinil vendors that ship to Canada during COVID delays

Begin rant.

Why are modafinil vendors online talking about how they have stock and are still shipping during the corona situation? Some, like ModafinilXL even lie, saying they don’t have stock because Singapore is not allowed to work. That’s a straight-up lie. They just don’t have stock. Why else would BuyModa be able to ship to me in Canada without problems? Well, there’s a noticeable delay, but that’s to be expected.

There are also places that claim to be Descendents of places like DuckDose, AfinilExpress, and Modafinilcat, but they’re not. They claim they still have stock to ship, but they don’t. I’ve even chatted them and asked if they’re still shipping from Singapore, and they say yes, but they’re not.

I guess when it comes down to places for us Canadians to buy modafinil we are limited to just a couple, though. BuyModa and another one, I forget the name offhand.

How to take Modafinil, Provigil and Why It’s Popular In Canada

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Buy Provigil and Modalert modafinil in Canada
Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of Modafinil

On-label uses of modafinil

There are many on-label uses for modafinil such as the treatment of narcolepsy, shift-work and general lethargy due to various circumstantial reasons.

Off-label uses of modafinil

There are also many off-label uses for modafinil which is what makes the nootropics so popular.

  • Students – Students in high school, college and university use modafinil or armodafinil to increase their focus, increase energy, sharpen their memory and  give their brain an all-around boost to cope with their demanding studying, exams.
  • Professionals – In the dog-eat-dog world of the professional, office workers are turning to modafinil much more frequently for all of the aforementioned reasons, in order to get ahead.
  • Shift workers, travellers – While this is a noted on-label use of modafinil, it should be noted that the same reasoning that makes modafinil effective for shit workers, also works for other situations like travellers trying to re-synchronize their biologic clocks as they try to counter jetlag. So you find yourself halfway across the world with a 12-hour time difference? Take some modafinil when it’s time to wake up and go locally, and by the time the modafinil wears off, you’ll be naturally tired and significantly closer to acclimatizing to the new time zone. I do this with modafinil as the way to wake up and some melatonin to help me get to sleep naturally. I cure my jetlag way faster this way.
  • Women and minorities – What? Yes. I said it. I have noticed a very significant increase in females and minorities (often immigrants) using modafinil. I assume that being in the minority, these groups are feeling intense pressure to outperform the majority. This is based on stats I’ve seen from big modafinil pharmacies of whom I’ve interviewed for other publications.
  • Ageing – People have been using modafinil as part of anti-ageing regimens. This is relatively new that they turn to modafinil, but it is reported that the cognitive enhancements and memory boost that modafinil is said to give are sorts of a fountain of youth for the ageing.

Why has modafinil grown so much in popularity?

Word-of-mouth amongst young professionals, computer programmers and especially college students have been the primary catalyst to the modafinil movement. With that said, very notable media such as a popular TV series called “Limitless” in which an experimental drug called NZT-48. While modafinil is not quite as strong as the dramatized NZT-48 on Limitless, it is believed to be based on modafinil. MOdafinil has similar effects, just with more manageable expectations.

The Netflix documentary ‘Take Your Pills’, could also be seen as a catalyst in making study drugs more popular to the mainstream. While Take Your Pills was mostly about Adderal and Ritalin, quick research online would show that the effects of modafinil are quite similar to that of Adderal and Ritalin.  In general, modafinil is considered a less edgy, less pronounced, not-dangerous and barely a prescription drug to that of Adderal and Ritalin.

Notable CEO’s of giant Silicon Valley corporations have publically stated they owe a lot of their success to nootropics such as modafinil.

It is widely speculated that politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump regularly took modafinil while on the very demanding and tiring campaign trails. Obama and Tump and rumored to have continued to take modafinil while in office to keep up with demands of being President of the United States of America. Who knew?

Is modafinil legal?

Modafinil is legal in certain places like Thailand without a prescription. However, in most countries, modafinil and armodafinil are controlled substances that require a doctor’s prescription. Some of these countries are the USA, UK (United Kingdom), Ireland, Australia, Canada, Sweden and Spain.

In Canada, simple possession of modafinil without a prescription is not illegal. However, the sale of modafinil is. If modafinil is seized by Canadian customs, they will confiscate it. This is why most modafinil pharmacies online will not ship to Canada. Only does, and they have a reported 99.9% success rate due to the way they ship the modafinil, and some other trade logistical secretes.

Some countries are almost impossible to get through customs, such as Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

To summarize, modafinil has consistently grown in popularity as more and more uses for the drug are discovered. Expect the rise of Modafinil to keep increasing as the base of users is only growing and the demand for cognitive-enhancing, focus increasing, energy boosting nootropics continues to make its way into the lives of anyone looking to maximize their brain’s power.

Where to buy Modafinil and Armodafinil in Canada?

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Buy Modafinil online in Canada

There’s really no modafinil pharmacies online that accept Canada as a viable country to send their smart drugs to. In fact, until now, there is only one.  That modafinil pharmacy is Buy Moda. They ship worldwide, but that’s no big deal. Most pharmacies do. As far as I know, this is the only pharmacy in the world that I can find will ship to Canadian addresses with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Buy Moda‘s guarantee for shipping modafinil or armodafinil to Canada:

  • They will re-ship if there is a Canadian customs issue 1 time, max. If the first shipment is stopped, and the second, they will simply refund your money.
  • They DO charge a premium for this special Canadian service.

All in all, I don’t blame them for adding a Canada surcharge, since they have to eat the losses when they have to reship.

Recently, myself and 2 friends ordered from them and we literally got our modafinil orders on the first try, with no Canadian customs delays or reshipments required. I realize a sample of 3 is not large enough to draw concrete conclusions, but it bodes well.  I wonder how much the Canada Post strikes affected the Customs efficiency.  I also, don’t entirely know how much Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has to do with the Canada Post’s employees directly. So there’s that.

To summarize, nootropics and smart drugs users in Canada just may have found the perfect place to finally buy our modafinil from a trusted online source!

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