Modafinil vendors that ship to Canada during COVID delays

Why are modafinil shops lying to us about their shipping times?

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Begin rant.

Why are modafinil vendors online talking about how they have stock and are still shipping during the corona situation? Some, like ModafinilXL even lie, saying they don’t have stock because Singapore is not allowed to work. That’s a straight-up lie. They just don’t have stock. Why else would BuyModa be able to ship to me in Canada without problems? Well, there’s a noticeable delay, but that’s to be expected.

There are also places that claim to be Descendents of places like DuckDose, AfinilExpress, and Modafinilcat, but they’re not. They claim they still have stock to ship, but they don’t. I’ve even chatted them and asked if they’re still shipping from Singapore, and they say yes, but they’re not.

I guess when it comes down to places for us Canadians to buy modafinil we are limited to just a couple, though. BuyModa and another one, I forget the name offhand.